Optimize Your Website for Faster Page Load Times

Here's 4 reasons why you should increase page speed  and why it's worth the investment.

1. A 1% increase in revenue was recorded by Amazon for every incremental 100ms speed increase.
2. Shopzilla saw a major increase in revenue (12%) and page traffic (25%) by increasing load time from 5 to 1.2 seconds.
3. The Bing search engine ran a test by increasing search queries load times by 2 seconds which caused a significant decrease in revenue.
4. Surprisingly the functionality of your website is less important than the performance or UX.

There is definitely a correlation between conversions and page speed.

In today's internet ecosystem, web users want it fast and they want it now. It's amazing how page load speed has such an impact, positively and negatively, on your overall web performance. It's a fact that page speed directly affects how your visitors interact with your website including whether they'll buy from you or not. Take a look at these statistics.

Source: Google/SOASTA Research, 2017 confirmed the following regarding page load speed and bounce rate.

If your website loads:

  • 1 to 3 seconds, probability of bounce rate increases by 32%
  • 1 to 5 seconds, probability of bounce rate increases by 90%
  • 1 to 6 seconds, probability of bounce rate increases by 106%
  • 1 to 10 seconds, probability of bounce rate increases by 123%

So, you can see that a slow page is a bad user experience that costs you a lot of money in lost revenue. Why? If your site is slow, people get impatient and leave you in the dust. They'll find a competing business that as a faster site.

Benefits of our Speed Optimization

advanced tactics

This service should be part of your overall search engine marketing campaign

Increased Conversions

Low Bounce Rates

Higher Rankings

Positive UX

Increase Your Load Times Today

Types of Optimization Elements

Our best practices are used to tune up your website and get it running fast.

  • Upgrades to PHP

  • Minify HTML

  • Optimize CSS

  • Optimize Images

  • Optimize Javascript

  • Eliminate any coding conflicts

  • Content Delivery Network implementation

Optimize Images

Large image files sizes take longer to load. We'll compress your images, reducing file size, and increased load time.

Optimize CSS Delivery

The css code that no one sees can also affect load time. We'll compress or minimize this code on the back-end while keeping everything looking and running smoothly on the front end.

Minify Resources

Most run into trouble when trying to minify because it can break your site. We'll implement a streamlined minification process to get the best possible performance.

Enable Compression

Your hosting needs to be compressed to allow your cache and other files to utilize resources efficiently.